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Linguistic Atlas of Dolomitic Ladinian and neighbouring Dialects, 1st part (Speaking Linguistic Atlas)
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- Data processing

Data processing

The DAT-recordings compiled by Helga Böhmer were electronically segmented in the ALD-archive of the University of Salzburg during the following years. The isolated tone segments thus obtained were subsequently saved in a data base, which can be accessed using a specifically designed software. Susanne Heißmann, Brigitte Rührlinger and Slawomir Sobota (all University of Salzburg) participated in this highly labour-intensive segmentation process. The software used in the DVD-version was designed by RST in Essen (under direction of Reinhard Köhler, Trier). All measures of electronic data processing necessary for making the speaking language atlas accessible online were taken by Marcel Müller (Freiburg in Breisgau) in spring 2005, owing some parts of both the general idea and the layout to Vivaldi (Dieter Kattenbusch, Carola Köhler, Marcel Müller). Thomas Frankewitsch (Department of Medical Informatics, University of Erlangen) and Fabio Tosques have been decisively involved in developing the Java Applet used in the representation of map data.


The websites were translated by:
  • Ladin: Paul Videsott
  • Italian: Ilaria Adami
  • French: Thomas Koch, Marcel Müller
  • English: Christiane Wirtz, Marcel Müller

Thanks are extended to all contributors named above.