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Linguistic Atlas of Dolomitic Ladinian and neighbouring Dialects, 1st part (Speaking Linguistic Atlas)
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- Different versions of the speaking linguistic atlas

Different versions of the speaking linguistic atlas

The first groundwork for the speaking language atlas dates back to 1989. Since then, four versions have been developed, the last three of them based on the DAT-recordings by Helga Böhmer between 1992 and 1994:
  1. a pilot version with a compact disc (1990)
  2. a version on two CD-ROMs (1998-2002)
  3. a DVD-version (from 2002)
  4. an online version (from spring 2005)
Roland Bauer (Salzburg), above all, is to be merited for the development and further maintenance of the first three versions. The software used in these versions was designed by RST in Essen, Germany. For further information, please consult the online bibliography on the ALD-I project.