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Linguistic Atlas of Dolomitic Ladinian and neighbouring Dialects, 1st part (Speaking Linguistic Atlas)
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Transcriptionary Transcriptionary For those keen on an especially "precise" transcription, the ALD-I project offers a transcriptionary. This consists of prefigured lists, giving the ALD-I transcriptions for the sound material in question (as they appear in the atlas) as well as sufficient space for new transcriptions.

These prefigured lists exist in two versions:

  1. listed in order of questions and responses of the ALD-I questionnaire ("Stimulus-based transcriptionary")
  2. listed in order of the 21 measuring points ("Place-based transcriptionary"). This version is only recommended in combination with the DVD-version of the speaking language atlas, as this is the only one giving the possibility of repeating a response randomly and in exactly definable intervals. Both versions of the transcriptionary follow the volume separation of ALD-I. It is possible to view these eight files online.